Occupational Safety Coordination

Safety coordinator's activity at the site is governed by Government Regulation No. 396/2006, according to which the client is obliged to appoint a safety coordinator if there is more than one employer or more than one person, being not an employer, but an entrepreneur, working at the site.

The obligation to establish the function of the safety coordinator at the site is applicable to all the contractors (investors) of the construction, for which building permits and building notices will be issued, and which will be carried out by more than one contractor.

A safety coordinator is already required during the construction preparation, particularly for the processing of project documentation.

Technical Safety Service

We offer a wide range of services to ensure work safety and fire protection in the organization. Professional and flexible attitude of our company through safety service will ensure fulfilment of the employer's obligations in accordance with applicable laws.

Our goal is to relieve you of constant monitoring of changes in the legislation, to develop the necessary quality documentation, to perform general staff training, to highlight deficiencies and provide complex advisory services with regard to health and safety at work.

Specialized Professions

We are company that provides qualified personnel with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in management, engineering, assembling, welding, scaffolding and fitting shop industries in power engineering, refining and construction.

We increase the effectiveness of cooperation. We connect people who offer their expertise with businesses that need their expertise.

Our company is a guarantee of quality verification and selection of the most suitable candidates.


If your company will open contract with Construction people s.r.o., you will have very important benefits free for whole our cooperation.

These are yours benefits

First aid safety car on workplace

Part of our service is also presence of first aid safety car on workplace.

Each our safety supervisor have certificate from first aid and fire fighting certificate and with our safety car could cover time till ambulance or fire department will come on workplace.

First aid safety car is fully equipped with professional first aid kit, AED (defibrillator), fire extinguishers, rescue accessories, etc..

Staff tracking software

Second benefit is our staff tracking software.

With this system you can upload all necessary informations like trainings, certifications, courses, behavior of each member on the site.

One sticker for all informations. With personal mobile phone is possible to scan QR code and read or upload these file. You can use it online and also offline.

Let´s do it better